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Theater Lights

The Blackbox Teens is an educational group at Schoolhouse Arts Center for middle/highschool students ages 13+. Through weekly meetings, they work to accomplish projects throughout the building, as well as working with theatrical professionals in workshops to learn about all the different aspects of theatre and the industry.




  1. Educate the teens on all aspects of the industry including performance, tech, design, directing, rights and producing, marketing, and budgeting

  2. Put on two student-run one acts in the Blackbox theatre, directed and often written by the students.

  3. Clean, repair, and upkeep different parts of the building one project at a time.

  4. Fundraise for and put on a student run full-length play, where students work on and run all aspects of the production with oversight.

  5. Put on Truly Talented Teens, a cabaret style performance of song, dance, comedy, and other exciting performances.

For more information, please email us at

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